Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Menu 9/4-9/10

This week is so awesome. I have everything I need except maybe a pack of hamburger buns. Of course I have the regular milk and bread on my list but this week I’m looking for deals to spend my money on. I love weeks like this…I think I’m on a role!

Weekly Menu

Sunday 9/4
Sloppy Joes

Monday 9/5 – plan a cookout it is Labor Day(have everyone bring their meat for the grill and a side or dessert)

Tuesday 9/6
Waffles & Sausage (remember breakfast each week saves your budget)

Wednesday 9/7
Cheeseburger Mac

Thursday 9/8
Italian Roast & Potatoes

Friday 9/9
Fried Rice (use left over roast)

Saturday 9/10
Chicken Tenders

This week is a simple menu. Remember having a change in schedules, like kids not being in school or a holiday can really turn you routine up side down. So make it simple and not worry yourself. If you have some extra time make a special dessert or cooka meal and freeze it for a crazy day you can't get it all done.

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